Payal Dhar


Hit for a Six cover

Hit for a Six

Thirteen-year-old Laila loves cricket, but when her favourite cricketer is in the dock for match-fixing, she wonders if she can love the game again. But …

Helping Hand cover

A Helping Hand

There’s a new girl in class and our teacher has asked me to be her friend and show her around. But I’m not sure I …

Eat the Sky cover

Eat the Sky, Drink the Ocean

Be transported into dystopian cities and alternate universes. Hang out with unicorns, cyborgs and pixies. Learn how to waltz in outer space. Be amazed and …

Slightly Burnt cover

Slightly Burnt

Sahil has been Komal’s very best friend since, well, forever. Which is why she doesn’t want to hear his confession. But there is not much …

Ghost cover

There’s a Ghost in My PC

Twelve-year-old Madhu’s laptop houses a ghost. She keeps this secret, after all, who would believe her if she told them? But her younger sister, Kumuda, …

Satin cover

Satin: A Stitch in Time

Kuzerazi: a land where magic is forbidden, a place which carefully guards its secrets. It is this hostile land that holds the key to the …

No Name cover

It Has No Name

‘Are you a boy or a girl?’ Sami should be used to this question, but it still turns her insides to ice. And there will …

The Prophecy cover

The Prophecy (Sands of Time Book One)

12-year-old Maya is struggling with school, online learning, bullies and more, when her nights are disrupted by a recurring dream. In it, she finds herself …